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Silver Pendants

This heart shaped Cottonwood leaf is a beautiful minimal pendant created using the top part of the leaf and adding a bit of metal and a silver dot in my workshop to finish this elegant piece for you... I love Replicating nature in solid silver inspired by its floating forms and organic shapes, ..
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Amazing Big Leaf Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant Inspired by Nature! It's a half detailed leaf with spirals and dots made by using granulation technique. Then by oxidized the silver and polished to show the detail, I created this beautiful sterling silver pendant! Ideal present for a winte..
Ex Tax:£72.44
Cross Pendant hand made of genuine sterling silver. Ideal Present for everyone who would love to wear this strong faith symbol as portal to one's personal growth Unisex Ideal gift for him and her. Let's do it unisex. A cross shape pendant, organically growing and expanding out from its center, ..
Ex Tax:£27.56
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