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Forehead Jewelry, Drusy

Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
Forehead Jewelry, Drusy
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  • Model: BH-014

Unique Bridal Forehead Jewelry with a Big Agate Drusy Gemstone!

Awaken your inner Goddess with this exquisite brass headband inspired by the forces of the forest and designed using plant fibers and setting a turquoise gemstone for empowerment of the divine feminine!

Agate Drusy stones have powerful metaphysical properties that make them excellent stones to aid spiritual growth. This makes a single piece a quite powerful stone

Size measurements : Length = 5,12 inch / 13,0 cm  Width = 1,57 inch / 4,0 cm

Ideal as wedding Headdress and all kind of ceremonies!

This piece make also lovely gift for wife, mom, sister, lover, girlfriend!

The piece will come already bended in the shape of the forehead. If you need any more adjustments to feet to your own unique shape, please follow the instructions below.

Using both hands/fingers on each side separately so you avoid messing with the setting stones

The metal will slowly listen to your willing and it will be bent under the pressure of your fingers... so slowly start giving a curve from the outside of one side and coming slowly to center and close to the stones... always gently. Repeat from the other side Similarly and start again each side so the curve is growing and once in a while you place the piece onto the forehead of the owner with the stones in the middle and observe where it needs a bit more and start again slowly the same process.

NEVER try to bent it with your hands in each side because there is a possibility to damage the setting of the stones and the stones to become loosen and even come out, if you go fast on the pressures, you may even break it!!

Just be patient and work in each side slowly avoiding to put your hands over the stones area and keep them both working one side at the time!!

I recommend the cord to be tied after you pass it under your hair.

If you have any questions or you need any help let me know .


● I love replicating nature, inspired by her floating forms and organic shapes.  Spending endless hours in my workshop I work directly on metal with various techniques, like making molds using the lost wax method, an ancient technique to create jewelry!

● Please be aware that while I do my best to photograph the colors true-to-life, all monitors display colors differently, please allow some variation between what you see on your screen and what you see in real life.                                  

● The pieces are handmade, so please allow for slight variations in size and shapes.

● Every piece you purchase from Alexandros Art Jewelry is unique and handcrafted with love.

● A present for all Earth Lovers and beyond who want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Natures Loving Soothing Energies

PACKAGING: Your jewelry comes as a gift wrapped in a hand stamped, lovely eco-recycled jewelry box and protected outside with bubble wrap. Orders can be sent directly to recipients by filling in their address at checkout. You can leave a message for the recipient at checkout and it will be included in the box.

QUALITY: All Alexandros Art Jewelry creations are original, authentic, carefully handmade and personally signed by the artist at the back side. Some small surfaces are excluded because they cannot be signed. All items come with Authenticity Guarantee.

You are very welcome to provide me with your feedback and impressions

Caring instructions for your Jewelry: 

● Do not sleep, shower or swim with your jewelry on and be sure to treat it nicely!

● Please be mindful when purchasing this as a gift for a child as they are better recommended for teens and adults.