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About Us

Although born in Greece as Alexandros Kontaxis, my friends in the UK call me Alexander and I consider myself a happy and fortunate man as I am able to spend much of my time being creative and working with materials that can give many people, and me, much pleasure as we live our lives on this beautiful planet.

I have always been fascinated by nature, particularly the textures and forms of natural things that are all around us.  I majored in Handmade Jewellery with honours in Athens, Greece. Since then, I have had many wonderful opportunities in life involving travel, exhibiting, creating customised items for films and making jewellery as beautiful and satisfying as I possibly can.  The pieces of jewellery that I sell are mostly unique and remain one of a kind. They are created during the winter months in my workshop, a beautifully creative space that gives me the opportunity to express myself.  The rest of the year is the time for selling and promoting.

Over the years, many people have asked me about a website and I have now enlisted the help of a wonderful friend, Adrian Adams who has created this showplace for my work.  Many of the items on display are unique as each one is fashioned around a piece of natural material, some precious stones and other elements like slices of stalactite, none of which are identical to one another.  To allow replication, items are cast from original designs and then finished by adding stones that have been machine ground and polished to a standard shape and size.  Jewellery is a very personal thing and my objective is to create items of beauty that will give the wearer a sense of pride and wellbeing that adds to their confidence and sense of personal worth.’