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Hi and Welcome!

Although born in Greece as Alexandros, my friends in the UK call me Alexander and I consider myself a happy and fortunate man as I am able to spend much of my time being creative and working with materials that can give many people, as well as me, much pleasure as we live our lives on this beautiful planet.

Taking long walks in nature or just sitting watching the colors of the sea and the sky on the horizon, have been very essential moments in my life! This is when things become subtler inside me and I can rest in the presence of all this amazing biodiversity around me! The trees the flowers, the bugs, the animals, the birds, the sounds, the smells, the wind, the light and the sun's warmth, the peace and the supporting energies, are so essential and beneficial to everyone! Amazed of the phenomena of all life around me I penetrate even more into them, observing the details the flowing patterns and the fragments of it all and then in my mind is happening a different kind of explosion, a creative one and I start collecting many of the elements I find all around, seeing amazing potentials in each one of those! Then I take them to my workshop and I experiment there for endless hours, immersed on how can I transfer all this beauty to jewelry! 

Many of my creations are result of this adventure!

An adventure that started a long time ago…

During my young years I was working in any given job I could find to make my living... but always been fascinated with crafts and creativity, so I went to study also while working in various jobs!

I majored in Handmade Jewelry with honors in Athens Greece and have been sent with a scholarship 3 times to different universities in Czech Republic for extra seminars.

In July 1999, Department of Jewelry Making and Design, Secondary School of Artsat the Turnov , Czech Republic.

In September 1999, Department of Art, Faculty of Education at the University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

In March 2001, Department of Art, Pedagogical Faculty at the University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Investing all I had, I took the risk and I made my first exhibition in 2002

and from there everything started changing towards what I love doing … and that is to be creative!!

I have had many wonderful opportunities in life involving traveling, exhibiting, creating customized items for films and making jewelry as beautiful and satisfying as I possibly could.

The pieces of jewelry that I create are mostly unique and remain one of a kind as each one is fashioned around a piece of natural material, some precious stones and other elements like slices of stalactite, which are not identical to one another.

Jewelry is a very personal issue and my objective is to create items of beauty which they will offer a sense of pride and wellbeing to their confidence and sense of personal worth.

My creations are addressed to the Earth lovers!!

Inspired from the Ultimate Divine Architect …Nature Herself!

Alexandros Kontaxis