Seraphinite is often referred to as the Angel Stone because of its feathery appearance and its reported ability to facilitate contact and communication with the angels. It is a very spiritual stone, believed to increase psychic awareness and intuition and to encourage out of body journeys during meditation.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Chakras: All Especially the 4th (Heart), 6th (Third Eye) and 7th (Crown) and Etheric Chakras

Seraphinite is said to help you to find your higher purpose and to identify the actions you need to take to allow you to experience peace and fulfilment.

Seraphinite activates the Crown and Brow Chakras and opens the Heart Chakra to encourage you to accept and to give unconditional love.

This green and silver crystal has a number of very powerful characteristics, including being one of the stones that aid contact with nature spirits.

It has impressive healing attributes for both physical and emotional healing. It is a stone to aid you to bring Divine Light into your being and this brings with it spiritual healing.

Seraphinite cleanses our aura and strengthens, activates and balances all of our chakras. What’s really great is that with seraphinite, the old patterns that created and caused our diseases or imbalances will simply fall by the wayside. As this happens, it creates a space for new patterns of well being to form. That is great, especially since most of our diseases first manifest as disturbances or blockages in our chakras.

Seraphinite aligns, balances and harmonizes the chakras, meridians and energies throughout our body. As a result, it can bring us good health by removing any predisposed diseases and illnesses. This shimmering green gem can provide powerful healing to the heart and lungs. It’s angelic connection can put us in touch with our very own spirit guides and angels.

Seraphinite promotes regeneration and the restoration of our health and balance.

This heart centered stone has a gentle cleansing effect on our heart chakra. It opens up our heart chakra and encourages us to live from the heart.

The enlightened and joyful energy of seraphinite helps us release all of our emotional energies that no longer serve us. It stimulates the flow of our energy and enables us to react with balanced and harmonious emotions

In healing Seraphinite is believed to provide relief from chills, to aid weight loss and to help release muscle tension in the neck.

Seraphinite has been called one of the premier healing stones of this age. It is beneficial for self-healing on our physical, emotional and spiritual levels by bringing healing to our mind, body, spirit and to Mother Earth.

Seraphinite is considered the stone of spiritual enlightenment.