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Maple Tree Leaf Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant and Earrings Set While walking around a town in UK , crossing a junction, I froze when I reached the pavement and saw it was covered with these beautiful seeds that had fallen from the tree above.. stood there looking at the tree for a few momen..
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Wearing this piece of jewelry inspired by nature you can reach a connection with nature stillness and harmony. I'm always in awe when I come along with magical dragonflies and their ancient beauty and vibrations.. Last time I had one sitting on my hand, as long as it stayed there, I observed it,..
Ex Tax:£171.00
Long Stud Statement Handmade 925 sterling silver Earrings! I have been always amazed by the native Indian culture, spirit and arts. This pair is inspired from them... The forever turning cosmic spiral of the expanding universe decorated by little leaves looking like feathers, are creating thi..
Ex Tax:£62.76
Handmade 925 sterling silver long ethnic statement earrings! I have been always amazed by the native Indian culture, spirit and arts. This pair is inspired from them… a very dynamic pair of earrings charged with the ancient spirit of the native Americans to be guiding you, while you are enjoyin..
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This heart shaped Cottonwood leaf is a beautiful minimal pendant created using the top part of the leaf and adding a bit of metal and a silver dot in my workshop to finish this elegant piece for you... I love Replicating nature in solid silver inspired by its floating forms and organic shapes, ..
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Amazing Big Leaf Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant Inspired by Nature! It's a half detailed leaf with spirals and dots made by using granulation technique. Then by oxidized the silver and polished to show the detail, I created this beautiful sterling silver pendant! Ideal present for a winte..
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Cross Pendant hand made of genuine sterling silver. Ideal Present for everyone who would love to wear this strong faith symbol as portal to one's personal growth Unisex Ideal gift for him and her. Let's do it unisex. A cross shape pendant, organically growing and expanding out from its center, ..
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Unique Silver Pendant with an Amazing Labradorite Stone! Labradorite crystal vibration encourages you to recognize your destiny, and to bring together all aspects that you need from the different planes… including the mental, intuitive, psychic and magical or mystical… and inspires your thinkin..
Ex Tax:£248.44
Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Pendant! Ideal for all women loving nature and want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Natures Loving Soothing Energies. Wearing a pearl can bring harmony and stability. A beautiful big piece of Mother pearl glowing its light, has been set in sterling silver!..
Ex Tax:£54.84
Very detailed sterling silver oak leaf pendant with a small amber set on it, creates this beautiful elegant inspired by nature unique piece !! The wisdom of the Oak trees and their leaves combined with the beneficial energy's of the amber makes a beautiful dynamic on it !! Amber brings a light hea..
Ex Tax:£54.84
A beautiful rainbow moonstone is set in an organic way using hand carved silver leaves and decorated with a silver native indian feather on the side and granulation on the end to create this unique piece !!Very earthy piece with the magic energy's of the moonstone! A unique piece of jewelry Ar..
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Unique blue fire Spectrolite Rainbow Moonstone in a Sterling Silver pendant with abstract organic metal sculpture ending on a little lily! Beautiful everyday earthy piece with the magic energy's of the moonstone! A unique piece of jewelry Art, inspired by Nature for earth Lovers and beyond... Ide..
Ex Tax:£39.00
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