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Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings, Ideal present for young girls and all women! Don't forget to treat yourself! Drop length: 1.50 inches / 3.80 centimeters Closure: Earwire / Hoop As the jewelry is made from sterling silver, please keep them in a box or pouch, to avoid darkening. In such c..
Ex Tax:£49.56
Beautiful stud earrings, inspired by lotus plants and their beautiful petals that represent purity and innocence while they need mud to bloom to their glory…! It enhances the shape of your ear while you wear it. Wearing this piece of jewelry inspired by nature, is helping you balance a busy dai..
Ex Tax:£41.64
Beautiful stud earrings, hand made of genuine sterling silver, it enhances the shape of your ear while you wear it. During my long walks in the forest, staying silent observing nature’s wonders and richness all around, I got inspired by its floating forms and organic shapes. This inspiration gui..
Ex Tax:£28.44
Handmade 925 sterling silver earrings inspired by nature, using some pinecones I found while walking in a forest! I love Replicating nature in solid silver inspired by its floating forms and organic shapes, spending neverending hours in the forest and then taking the treasures I found back in my wo..
Ex Tax:£87.40
Handmade Long Elegant Pinecone Sterling Silver Earrings. This amazing piece I found in a meditation center in Kathmandu Nepal… It was something like a wild pine tree different from the ones I knew and saw until now … An unknown tree to me, gave me this little present.. and I succeed to bring out..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Beautiful Handmade solid silver stud light daily earrings, a portal to nature's soothing energies!!! It has been made using the lost wax method , an ancient technique to create jewelry and then turn it into sterling silver. The finish is velvet shiny, just as nature... Drop length: 0.80 inches / ..
Ex Tax:£38.12
Handmade 925 sterling silver earrings inspired by nature, using some pinecones I found while walking in a forest! A present for all earth lovers and beyond who want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Nature Loving Soothing Energies. Τhis piece is picked from nature, on a bush under a tree, whe..
Ex Tax:£97.08
Tree of Love Long Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings Roots spiraling inside the earth to hold tight and get fed in the darkness and warmth of the earth so the rest of the tree can grow strong and spread up spiraling towards the sky and reach the light and warmth of the sun!!! Inspired by nature th..
Ex Tax:£45.16
Here an arrow starts expanding and holding, supporting and getting full field from the shape of the heart. When one is wearing them it helps to drop on to the heart center and expand out of love and compassion! The zigzag arrow lines on its expanding body becomes soft and bend to spirals, decora..
Ex Tax:£36.36
Handcrafted Genuine 925 Silver Unique Real Leaf Pendant with Spectrolite Labradorite Magic Gemstone! Botanical Art Jewellery, Unique Minimal Elegant Necklace, Beautiful Anniversary Nature Inspired Gift. This three dimensional leaf was successfully made in silver and I have added a small labrador..
Ex Tax:£50.44
Double sided, two in one long statement silver earrings!! One side is curved with much detail patterns of flowers and leaves dancing on its surface like they do when we take a walk in the forest! By easily taking out the hook and changing the side you can expose the other hand curved surface w..
Ex Tax:£115.56
Dragonfly Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings! I' m always in awe when I come along with magical dragonflies and their ancient beauty and vibrations. Last time I had one sitting on my hand, as long as it stayed there, I observed it, looking from very close all the details and wondered how could I ..
Ex Tax:£103.24
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