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Real Mint Leaves Handmade Sterling Silver Everyday Lightweight beautiful stud earrings! Picking up some mint leaves to take home and make a cup of tea, I got drunk by its very exquisite unique smell... when opened my eyes to look closer this fragrant herb, I was struck once again by the amazing ..
Ex Tax:£41.64
Elegant Minimal Real Leaf Sterling Silver Small Pendant This beautiful small pendant was created when I found a small leaf decomposing on the earth and becoming nutrition… the little part that stayed in my hand came with me... I added a piece to reshape the leaf and 3 dots like drops in morning d..
Ex Tax:£27.56
Sterling Silver Elegant Natural Minimal Leaf Pendant! This little decomposing leaf was found while I was walking somewhere in Asia... Coming back to my workshop in Athens I played to create this fusion minimal result by drawing spirals and also by carving on the metal as a continuation of its ve..
Ex Tax:£27.56
Sweet Heart Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant! From our heart grows the expansion of our beings as we try to find our ways to trust the process and to surrender to the intelligence of creation that keep us alive. The gift of love! Lightly oxidized just to help the texture stand outPendan..
Ex Tax:£33.72
Maple Key Seed Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant! Wearing this piece of jewelry inspired by nature you can reach a connection with nature stillness and harmony. This is a beautiful pendant replicating a leaf and transferring all this amazing organic details in silver. This piece is handmade, s..
Ex Tax:£22.28
Dragon Shape Unisex Handcrafted Solid Silver pendant! This mystical mythical creatures have always captivated my imagination.. their strength and their beauty is now able to rest on your neck!... For him and her... Lightly oxidized just to help the texture stand out Pendant hand made of gen..
Ex Tax:£69.80
Big Maple Key Seed Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant! When i first saw this seed on a tree above my head it cuptivated me imedietly... I gathered some in my pocket for when i will go back to my workshop, hoping that i will manage to copy all this detail in metal! Wearing this piece of jewelry..
Ex Tax:£39.00
Unisex Two Side Solid Silver Handmade Pendant! Feminine and Masculine twoside Sterling Silver Handmade Unisex Pendant It can be worn from both sides... on the one side is the feminine warm nourishing open receiving space and on the other is the masculine expansive offering outwards side. It m..
Ex Tax:£47.80
Boho Unisex Two Sided Genuine Silver Pendant! Elegant two side Sterling Silver Handmade Unisex Pendant for Him and Her! An element that was taken from the earth and the plants and been worked in silver to create this 2side beautiful elegant pendant for him and her... Lightly oxidized just to ..
Ex Tax:£45.16
Real Thistle Unisex 925 Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant, as a shield to the hazardous energy waves, for Him and Her... Ideal Present for everyone who would love to wear this as portal to its Protective Energies. I have spent a few months on a little hut without electricity on a mountain in ..
Ex Tax:£52.20
Sterling Silver Nature Inspired Big Leaf Handcrafted Pendant! Ideal present for a winter bride and all women loving nature and feel to wear something that will help to connect with her tranquil energiesHere is the remains of a leaf that I couldn't recognize as the decay has almost completed its..
Ex Tax:£65.40
Holly Oak Leaf Natural Sterling Silver Handcrafyed Pendant! A present for all earth lovers and beyond who want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Natures Loving Soothing Energies and help you to gain concentration and mental clarity, to aid to manifest what you desire into your life.Thi..
Ex Tax:£47.80
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