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Stunning Real Tree Mushroom Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant A present for all earth lovers and beyond who want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Natures Loving Soothing Energies. Climbing trees has been a big love for me since I was a child and it still is now that I am a grown man… ..
Ex Tax:£91.80
Unisex Body Figure Cross Sterling Silver Necklace This is a very strong faith symbol that I felt like experimenting in different ways at times.. Here is crafted with an abstract way to deliver a body shape and cross on together as one.... For him and her... Lightly oxidized just to help the t..
Ex Tax:£27.56
Celestial Four-pointed Star Sterling Silver Handmade Unisex Pendant Ideal present for all women and men loving planets and stars and want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Celestials Loving Soothing Energies. These incredible four-pointed star came from a night that I studied the stars with ..
Ex Tax:£33.72
Unisex Shell Shape Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant Like a sea shell cut in slices, this pendant comes as a portal to Summer's sea side memories and oceans soothing energies! Ideal present for Summer Lovers! Unisex Ideal gift for him and her. This piece make also lovely gift for lover, girlfrien..
Ex Tax:£40.76
Big Heart Dali's Shape Romantic Handcrafted Sterling Silver Unique Pendant! Ideal present for all Loving Women who love nature and want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Natures Loving Soothing Energies. Dalis Heart was named from a friend of mine visiting me while I was finishing this piece ..
Ex Tax:£83.00
Unique Stunning Real Lettuce Leaf, Inspired by Nature! Genuine Silver Handcrafted Botanical Pendant for Special Occasions! A stunning present for all earth lovers and beyond who want to wear a beautiful piece as portal to Nature's Loving Soothing Energies. Ideal piece also as a lovely gift for l..
Ex Tax:£109.40
Dragonfly Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant on a Silver Chain inspired by Sycamore seeds! Wearing this piece of jewelry inspired by nature you can reach a connection with nature stillness and harmony. I'm always in awe when I come along with magical dragonflies and their ancient beauty and vibrati..
Ex Tax:£103.24
Lucky Stars Pendant handmade of genuine sterling silver! Ideal Present for everyone who would love to wear this as portal to one's personal growth Pendant height: 1.00 inches / 2.50 centimeters This Pendant comes with a Sterling Silver Chain. You can choose Chain length between 16”/40cm, 18“/45c..
Ex Tax:£27.56
Unique Romantic Sterling Silver Pendant with an amazing quality moonstone inspired from a tree mushroom that i found in a forest and have added some cypress leafs to decorate the stone for more dimensions to amplify the organic statement shape. Blue Moonstone creates a balanced, whole and unifie..
Ex Tax:£276.60
A Big Rainbow Moonstone embrased by leaves, an infinity spiral and a rose, are setting like a bouquet full of Nature's Loving soothing energies on a woman's breast!!! A unique piece of jewelry Art inspired by Nature for earth Lovers and beyond... Blue Moonstone creates a balanced, whole and uni..
Ex Tax:£52.20
Unique Coloured Glasses Solid Silver Pendant Unique Coloured Glasses Solid Silver Pendant
Out Of Stock
Unique Solid Silver Necklace Embracing Three Layers of bright Coloured Glasses A Unique Exquisite Pendant for a Unique Woman! Three layers of coloured glass are folded gently with sterling silver, a small rose and some spirals decorating and resting on the colorful surface of this exquisite uni..
Ex Tax:£91.80
Maple Tree Leaf Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant and Earrings Set While walking around a town in UK , crossing a junction, I froze when I reached the pavement and saw it was covered with these beautiful seeds that had fallen from the tree above.. stood there looking at the tree for a few momen..
Ex Tax:£63.64
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