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Gold Plated Earrings

Long Statement Handmade Gold Plated  Wing Earrings! Ideal present for dynamic women with strong free spirit. Inspired by the Swan’s wings! Wings that can lift you high to the sky and take you away but also land you smoothly on the surface of a peaceful lake! A pair of earrings that carries ..
Ex Tax:£18.00
These handcrafted gold plated organic round earrings are inspired from how nature just keeps expanding and spreading onto everything around us, no matter how much we keep building… Nature will retrieve everything back, sooner or later! The leaves are growing elegantly, showing the force and the beau..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Handmade long dangle earrings in plated Gold, containing simplicity, elegance and charm through the organic surface, have been created from Cypress leaves. Wearing this piece of jewelry inpired by nature, is helping you balance a busy daily routine with moments of calmness, connecting you with natu..
Ex Tax:£20.00
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